SpiceMASTER PRO  2.5

One of the greatest visual effects plug-in for custom SOFT/ORGANIC transitions and effects
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SpiceMASTER has long been digital video's leading visual effects plug-in for custom SOFT/ORGANIC transitions and effects, greatly enhancing your creative flexibility while editing.

SpiceMASTER PRO includes ALL TFX features at left PLUS:

- 400 amazing OrganicFX -- our exclusive top-rated spices. Altogether, PRO has 800+ terrific spice geometries to choose from -- all easily customizable! And for just $20 more you get our entire collection: 1,000+ total spices for maximum creative flexibility.

- The MIXER. PRO's powerful new MIXER creates FILM dissolves AND more! Blend spice effects with a clip's luminance -- an industry first for incredible new effects and animations. A "must have" new feature!

- Spice Effects for Titles/Graphics, PIPs, & Mattes. Apply animated soft/organic FX to these other elements, giving you more creative power.

- EASY Bezier Keyframing. Smoothly accelerate/decelerate virtually any SpiceMASTER control with just a few clicks.

- Extra Adjustments. PRO includes extra controls for softness, texture, borders, plus rotation/spin effects and bevel/ripple enhancements.

Best yet, SpiceMASTER previews REAL-TIME in its built-in preview (most computers) AND real-time from the timeline of Adobe Premiere 6.5/Pro*, Sony Vegas, and Ulead MediaStudio 7 or later. SpiceMASTER's intuitive interface also reduces your effect setup time, an especially important time-saver when creating complex effects.

One of the greatest and most impressive visual effects plug-in for custom SOFT/ORGANIC transitions and effects.

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